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इन्टरनेट कौन नियंत्रित कर रहा?

पूरी दुनिया में मुट्ठी भर लोग आलेख व टिप्पणियों को सेंसर कर, ब्लॉक कर रहे हैं। पढ़िये अशोक टी. जयसिंघानी की बात -    

Who is CONTROLLING the Internet?

Ashok T Jaisinghani./ How many people will believe that only a FEW PERSONS are CONTROLLING the INTERNET? These UNKNOWN and UNSEEN PERSONS are practising CENSORSHIP all over the world by BLOCKING the ARTICLES and COMMENTS of writers who QUESTION and CRITICISE those in AUTHORITY.  

Even the editors of the top newspapers like The Times of India DON'T seem to KNOW that the COMMENTS, which they invite for the articles and news items on their websites, are BLOCKED by the FEW PERSONS who CONTROL the INTERNET. The views typed in the BOX meant for COMMENTS can NOT be POSTED successfully when the TAB with the word "POST" or "SUBMIT" is NOT SHOWN along with the COMMENTS BOX. 

Who is BLOCKING the COMMENTS of persons like me by making the "POST" or "SUBMIT" TAB to DISAPPEAR with the help of some SECRET APPS of the INTERNET?  The web editors of the newspapers must find out the NAMES of the GHOSTS of the INTERNET who are REMOVING the TAB or BUTTON, which has to be used when any writer wants to POST or SUBMIT his views and comments to the websites of the newspapers.  

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