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"दलित मीडिया" को लेकर प्रधानमंत्री को पत्र

दलित चिंतक अरुण खोटे ने दलित मीडिया को लेकर  फेसबुक पर एक अपील जारी की है।  उन्होने लिखा है कि अब भी मौका है अगर आप सहमत हैं तो इस मांगपत्र में साइन करे ....... 

मीडिया की समाज और लोकतंत्र के प्रति जवाबदेही को तय करने के लिये जारी इस मांगपत्र के बहाने मैंने यह भी जानने का प्रयास किया था कि फेसबुक के जो साथी विशेष रूप से वह जो मीडिया में दलितों के प्रतिनिधत्व और मुद्दे न होने पर आलोचना करते रहते हैं क्या वाकई वह इसके प्रति गंभीर हैं और किसी पहलकदमी का हिस्सा होना चाहते हैं ? क्या वाकई वह इस तस्वीर को बदलना चाहते हैं ?

यह मांगपत्र भले हम सबकी कसौटी में पूरा खरा न हो लेकिन एक शुरुआत तो हैं ही ? फिलहाल चंद मित्रो के आलावा बाकि साथियों की चुप्पी काफी निराशाजनक है . खैर हम निराश नहीं हैं हमारे प्रयास जारी रहेंगे !!!!!!!!

Ten Point demands for Upcoming Budget session 2014 On Dalits Media :

Ensure Representation & space for Dalits in the mainstream Media

Hon’ble Sri Narender Modi Ji

Prime Minister

Govt Of India

New Delhi


Hon’ble Shri Arun  Jaitley ,

Union Minister of Finance,

Ministry of Finance,

Government of India,


Subject: Deliberations with different stakeholders regarding Budget 2014-15

Ten Point demands for Upcoming Budget session 2014 On Dalits Media :

Ensure Representation & space for Dalits in the mainstream media

Respected Sir,

We understand that you are going to have fruitful deliberations with different Stakeholders before finalizing the Budget 2014-15 so that the bona fide & genuine issues  / claims of different Stakeholders are given due consideration.

The debate & discussion on the role of mainstream media is highly under criticism and it is general feeling that mainstream media has been drastically shifted from its role from social obligation to commercial market profit making industry. This situation has alienated major section of the society from the developmental process. 

Participation, representation and proper space in the mainstream media for vulnerable sections of the society is very much important for the democracy based on value of equality. 17 million people of the country known as Dalits are suffering inhuman practice of untouchability due to the Hindu caste mind set. Now the time has come that we need to debate, discuss on such discriminative attitude and mind set where mainstream media may play a vital role.

Therefore we appeal you to please consider some important suggestion from our side for your consideration for Budget 2014:

1.    Affirmative policy for media industries to ensure Dalits representation and space of Dalit issues in the mainstream media.

2.    10,000 Media fellowships per year for Dalits.

3.    An independent channel and news paper (Similar like Loksabha/ Rajyasabha  TV channel) on national level to address / focus the issues and concerns of Dalits particular untouchability practice.

4.    Minimum 25% government advertisement / sponsorship to the Dalit Media.

5.    Special subsidy and low interest long term loan from nationalize Bank for setting up a newspaper/ magazine of news channel.

6.    Special provision from Special Component Plan - SCP for Dalit entrepreneur to   setting up media institute, newspaper/ magazine, news channel and to makedocumentary films on Dalit issues.

7.    "100 Excellency Award On Dalit Stories / Reporting" for media houses and journalists/ reporters.

8.    Sensitization & orientation course on Dalit issues to be introduce and it shell be essential for every journalists and reporters of the mainstream media.

9.    Every channel/ newspaper/ magazine must reserve 20% space on social issue.

10.A media center in each state capital to facilitate mainstream media on Dalit issues and to the journalist/ reporters from Dalit background.


Thanking You !

 Yours Sincerely !


राष्ट्रीयभूमिश्रम  एवं न्यायआन्दोलन
National Movement For Land, Labor & Justice-NMLLJ

4A/ 98 , Vishal Khand , Gomti Nagar,

Lucknow -226010 Uatter Pradesh (INDIA)

E Mail:
Mob: 91#7703047590



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