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TV channels converted it into a one day cricket match

मोदी की पीएम उम्मीदवारी को चैनलों ने बनाया वन डे क्रिकेट मैच। पढ़े वरिष्ठ पत्रकार रवि रंजन जी का आलेख

Ravi Ranjan Sinha/ The meeting of the Parliamentary Board of the Bhartiya Janata Party to select a person from among its leaders to be projected as the prime ministerial candidate was essentially a party affair albeit  of an outfit  which has been playing a significant role in the affairs if the country. But TV channels converted it into a one day cricket match with pre-match reviews, running commentaries and post match expert comments. This was another example of how TV trivializes serious issues in search of some drama.

Modi was not taking over as the PM tomorrow and its was hardly the right moment  to discuss  what would happen to India under his stewardship, in case he  actually occupies the office  of PM after 2014 elections. That apart,all senior anchors appeared visibly upset over what essentially is a party choice. They are expected to observe and analyze but not to show emotions. Such partisan conduct does not go well with their claim of objectivity.

Whether one likes or not Modi has come to occupy centre stage in India’s politics and one cannot wish him away. And why sudden sympathy  for Advani ? Is it because he is an old man or because he has lost to Modi in the race for the coveted post? Age deserves respect but the aged too have to show they are ready to move away with grace giving way to the younger generation. How come Advani forgot about the Hindu Varnashram principles which expect a person beyond 75 to  move to forests  giving up all worldly longings. He is already 86  and it is time he plays the role of a mentor and adviser instead of seeking executive authority.


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With due respect to our colleagues i wish to point out that mere announcement of prime ministerial candidate does make a person a successor go the coveted post as has been pointed out by mr ravi ranjan sinha.yet the way my friends in the jd(u) especially much maligned bh singh have reacted they seem to be counting the days of nitish kumar government.the queston to be asked now is--will nitish kumar accept the spl status if it had to be accorded next year by narendra modi led goverenment at the centre.will nitish treat the issue of spl status the way he had returned rs five crore given by narendra modi during the kosi deluge