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Trial By Media

Ravi Ranjan Sinha / As scams  involving  members of families of powerful politicians surfaced  once again the cry went up that there  should be no trial by the media. What  spokespersons of the party facing such  allegations seemed to forget that  the media  was not conducting  any trial but was just echoing what activists and whistle blowers had been talking about.

To their plea that  those making accusations  should have  gone to the court  one could remind them that trials in the infamous fodder scam  have  yet not concluded  mainly powerful involved in those shady deals were able to obstruct judicial proceedings  by adopting dilatory tactics like asking for adjournments on one ground or the other.

It was not  for the first time  that spokespersons of political party have  called for  stopping  what they call media trial..In fact,when one of their  tribe  appears to be in an inconvenient  situation because of  either a police inquiry or an expose by  some agency and either of the two or both simultaneously finding resonance in the media such arguments  come up.They obviously are not worried  that there are grave allegations  about  them but  do not want the  story to reach the people.They seem to forget  that in the modern world information cannot be  withheld from the public .

In fact,there are persistent attempts to subvert any system that ensures free flow of information.If the media picks up a story it becomes its duty to keep tracking  it at all stages.This leads to layer by layer exposure of their misdeeds which  really bothers them.Since they cannot  prevent an investigating  agency from doing  its job unless   they are able to bring pressure on it from the higher  bureaucracy or  the political authority or the organization pursuing the matter the media  becomes their target. In fact,  charging  the  media  with conducting a trial becomes  very convenient for politicians.





Ravi Ranjan Sinha

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